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Meet Noelle

Noelle Kahaian is a constitutional conservative Republican who built their forever home on 20 rolling acres in Locust Grove, Georgia. She is a child advocate, defender of human rights and a staunch protector of American values.  She has never held public office but has made the personal decision to step into the arena to make a positive impact for her community. 


She is a wife of 25 years and a mother to two children. They have a successful accounting and consulting firm with offices in 3 states with national clientele . Her son attends the University of Georgia and her daughter attends Georgia College. Noelle believes the sanctity of human life and human development from conception to natural death are to be revered and celebrated.  As an active member of her faith community, she knows our rights are bestowed upon us by God, our Creator, and we must have the courage of our convictions while walking out the Golden Rule. Noelle is proud to be certified by Georgia Life Alliance. 


Through her non-profit, Protect Student Health Georgia, she travels the state empowering parents and educating citizens on the best practices to protect the health and innocence of their children. She is also a substitute teacher and volunteer teacher of healthy relationship curricula partnering with pregnancy resource centers in the area.


Noelle received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from William Tyndale College, a liberal arts bible college and an additional 2 year Paralegal Certificate from Oakland University. Noelle has worked in the legal field as a paralegal and and an investigator for more than 2 decades. She has been an assistant vice president of a regional banking institution as well as corporate paralegal for Kmart and Sears Corporation. Currently, as a paralegal in a national non-profit civil rights law firm, she assists with protecting and strengthening parental rights and advocating for healthy policies with strategic partnerships.


Noelle believes in the American values of faith, family, equality, individualism, and freedom. She stands for our flag, our national anthem, and the reverence of our Constitution. Her family is made up of the valor of veterans on both sides, her grandmother made munitions in Detroit during World War II, her grandfather entered the beaches of Normandy and was the 2nd wave to liberate Dachau concentration camp in Germany. Her father and uncles are army veterans and have continued to advocate for veterans throughout the years.  


She knows it is of paramount importance that our rights must be taught and preserved by every generation. Like Ronald Reagan said:

Noelle is asking for your vote for the new Georgia House District 117 encompassing parts of McDonough, Locust Grove and Griffin. This is the people’s seat and she will represent the people with accountability and integrity.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”



Education Integrity


I will foster a Parent’s Rights Revival. Georgians are asking for TransPARENTcy in our education systems.  Taxpayer’s have a right to convenient access to instructional materials that they pay for. Schools are funded by the taxpayer. Their education dollars should follow the child to the resource that fit them best.  Students should not be exposed to harmful obscene materials, our schools should be a safe haven for healthy, non-sexualized materials. Parental authority should not be usurped with exposure to complex metaphysical concepts like gender identity ideology. Nothing should be hidden from parents whether materials, surveys, clubs or bathroom compliance. Our students should have biological privacy rights in their school bathrooms, locker rooms and overnight accommodations as well as biologically fair competition rights for physical sports.


There are powers at work in our state that seek to promote anti-American values and Marxist ideologies. These programs must not be funded with our tax dollars and must be investigated and rooted out.  School systems are to provide academic education, not indoctrination. A healthy school provides a foundation for future success for all students. This foundation will equip them to become productive leaders, innovators and visionaries as they embark on their next chosen steps in life. Good citizenship must be emphasized, not dismantling our constitutional republic. History should be taught, the good, the bad and the ugly plus American values and her principles of liberty and justice for all. There is no perfect society, but the great experiment of America strives to improve the lives of all who embrace her.  



Election Integrity

Public trust in our voting system must be regained. Free and fair elections with every legal vote counting are the bedrock of our political system. Georgians deserve independently verifiable, auditable, and transparent processes. Noelle supports the call for a full forensic audit and paper ballots. Election security is the responsibility of each citizen and community, and we must engage in the process from poll worker to poll watcher.  


Having committed and trained election workers and volunteers is imperative to the integrity of our voting system.  Noelle worked as a poll worker and assistant poll manager during primaries and general elections, so she has experienced the elections process from up close. She also volunteered as a poll watcher, ballot monitor and audit review panel. She is thankful that she was able to participate in this civic duty.  Noelle was honored to provide affidavits to the Georgia Legislature for SB 202, which instituted many reforms like requiring voter ID for vote-by-mail ballots. She will endeavor to strengthen our election integrity and security and use her intimate knowledge of the process to educate others. 



Constitutional Integrity

  • Free speech: Our free speech rights are being infringed from social media bans and cancel culture to parents being denied allowance to address their school boards. We must not allow our speech or our children’s speech to be curtailed or compelled by law or by compliance.


  • Right to bear arms: Law-abiding Georgians have the constitutional right to protect themselves, their property and their loved ones. Noelle will fight any attempts to curtail our right to bear arms. She supports Constitutional Carry to remove the permit requirement for concealed carry. Georgia can join 21 other states who have rid their law-abiding citizenry of restrictive gun requirements. Noelle is a member of the NRA, National Association for Gun Rights and Georgia Gun Owners.


  • Secure borders: We have an unprecedented crisis at our national borders. It has exploded into a full-blown disaster with massive levels of illegal migration, human trafficking and drug smuggling. These threats will undoubtedly cross into our state. Our governor is the commander in chief of our state and has broad powers to protect its citizens. Noelle will encourage our officials and legislators to demand all immigration is lawful and legal. 


  • Safe communities: Noelle stands with law enforcement, and the radical ‘defund the police agenda’ is dangerous for all. We can stand with our law enforcement including school resource officers while ensuring fair treatment for all. She will strive every day to keep our families safe and support our first responders.

  • Economic freedom: The cornerstone of individual liberty, the private sector and free-market principles is economic freedom. It is the best way to stimulate economic development rather than government subsidies or programs. Removing government red tape and reliance on a nanny state creates an independent and creative workforce.



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