About Noelle

Patriots, friends, and fellow Georgians,

My name is Noelle Kahaian and I am asking for your vote to represent the brand new State House District 81 in Henry County. My journey is deeply rooted in a legacy of service, a commitment to family values, and a passion for defending the rights of parents and preserving the innocence of our children.

My family’s commitment to service spans generations. My grandfather bravely stormed the beaches of Normandy, setting a precedent for valor and sacrifice. Following in his footsteps, both my father and uncles served in the military, instilling in me a profound appreciation for the principles that make our nation great – freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

As an Ambassador for Veterans for Trump, I am inspired by the enduring legacy of service within my family. Much like their commitment to preserving our cherished values, I am devoted to championing the needs and interests of our veterans, ensuring their sacrifices are always honored and remembered.

My involvement in the local faith community has reinforced my belief that the church serves as a beacon of positivity and guidance in our society. As a wife of 26 years and a mother of two grown children, I understand the profound responsibility we have to build a strong foundation for the next generation. 

My husband and I are small business owners with a rich family history of entrepreneurship, and we have built a successful accounting and consulting firm. With offices located across three states and serving clients nationwide, our commitment to excellence and service permeates every aspect of our work.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from William Tyndale College and earned my ABA-approved Paralegal Certificate from Oakland University in Michigan. My commitment to education extends beyond my personal accomplishments, as I am a certified volunteer teacher in abstinence-based health education through my local pregnancy center.

As President and Co-Founder of Protect Student Health Georgia, as well as an activist at the Capitol, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with concerned parents and citizens to prioritize the well-being and innocence of our children in schools. My efforts focus on bolstering parental rights and advocating for healthy policies through strategic partnerships. Additionally, my role as a Paralegal for the Child & Parental Rights Campaign has allowed me to champion the rights of parents to shield their children from the potential harms of gender identity ideology.

Active in the Republican Party, both as an officer and volunteer, I advocate for transparency, individual rights, and reining in government overreach. Through my travels across the state teaching biblical citizenship, I have witnessed the importance of standing up for our shared values and reminding our community that courage is contagious.

In addition to my grassroots involvement, I am proud to serve as a partner with True the Vote on election integrity. I have served as a poll worker and assistant poll manager during primaries and general elections as well as volunteered as a poll watcher, ballot monitor, and audit review panelist. These experiences have granted me an up-close understanding of the electoral process, and I am grateful for the opportunity to fulfill this civic duty.

My commitment to election integrity was further underscored when I had the honor of providing affidavits to the Georgia Legislature for SB 202, which instituted critical reforms like requiring voter ID for vote-by-mail ballots. I am dedicated to strengthening our election integrity and security and to educating others about the importance of safeguarding our Constitutional Republic.

Georgia’s new 81st State House District deserves a representative who is committed to preserving our values, defending parental rights, and fostering an environment where our children can thrive. I am running to be that advocate, and I humbly ask for your support. Together, let’s ensure a brighter future for our families and communities.

With gratitude,

Noelle Kahaian